About Us

Hey paw pals!

Welcome to Barker Boutique! I'm Vanna and I am a Vietnamese-Canadian small business owner located here in western Canada. One day I was looking for some modern and minimalistic style dog accessories for my late dog Ruki but I wasn't able to find one that suited my style. I then had this crazy idea of starting my own business in hopes to help others with the same problem I have faced!


You can say that Barker Boutique was definitely inspired by my sweet Ruki who was and always will be so special. This is why I hold BB so close to my heart. Our logo was inspired by him and all our packages will have his paw print included so you too will have a little piece of him. We now have a sweet pup name Ollie who will also be our little mascot.


Our products are high quality with fun bright pastel shades, minimalistic designs and puppy approved for comfort levels! We have an assortment of items on here such as dog harness with matching collar, bow tie, poop bag holder and leashes! You can grab them as separate items or as a bundle to have your pups in a beautiful matching set. Be it lounging at home, out to a special puppy event or for a  casual walk, your dog deserves to be looking their best self! It's a barks's life, so lets make the life happen!