Birth of Barker Boutique

 With covid and being indoors for 2 years, I had a lot of time to self reflect and self improve. One of the things I wanted to improve on was taking risks. I've always been playing it safe in life, but after a lot of reflection, I realized that life is about taking these big risks and a leap of faith for a great reward. That's when I decided to take that risk and leap of faith and start my own small business - Barker Boutique.
I am vietnamese-canadian and I absolutely adore all animals especially dogs. We offer super cute and minimalist style dog accessories with the pet's comfort in mind. It has been an exciting journey for me so far, and I am so happy that I followed through with my plan full heartedly and did not back out from my fears and doubts. I've only launched less than a month ago, but already I have connected with s many great paw pals out there and hope many more to come! 
I started working towards Barker Boutique early last year and was inspired by my late dog Ruki, who unfortunately passed away during this new journey of mine. Everything I decided on, I chose with him in mind such as our logo and our style. He was adorable, playful, super friendly, but also strong-willed, soldier-like, and a fighter until the end. He was diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure) in late 2020 and passed away at the age of 13 in October 2021.
His personality and attributes are something that I aspire for my brand to be. Pet friendly, comfortable for dogs to be able to move freely around and be their playful selves, and always serving my customers to its highest potential.